Intel X550-T2 Intern Ethernet 8000Mbit/s netwerkkaart & -adapter - SECOMP Nederland GmbH
Intel X550-T2 Intern Ethernet 8000Mbit/s netwerkkaart & -adapter Intel X550-T2 Intern Ethernet 8000Mbit/s netwerkkaart & -adapter

Intel X550-T2 Intern Ethernet 8000Mbit/s netwerkkaart & -adapter 517058069
Fabrikant INTEL fabrikant X550T2BLK
EAN 0675901319836

Intel X550-T2. Intern, Connectiviteitstechnologie: Bedraad, Hostinterface: PCI-E, Interface: Ethernet. Overdrachtssnelheid (max): 8000 Mbit/s. Kleur van het product: Zwart, Groen

Single-Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) involves natively (directly) sharing a single I/O resource between multiple virtual machines. SR-IOV provides a mechanism by which a Single Root Function (for example a single Ethernet Port) can appear to be multiple separate physical devices. Virtual Machine Device Queues (VMDq) is a technology designed to offload some of the switching done in the VMM (Virtual Machine Monitor) to networking hardware specifically designed for this function. VMDq drastically reduces overhead associated with I/O switching in the VMM which greatly improves throughput and overall system performance Flexible Port Partitioning (FPP) technology utilizes industry standard PCI SIG SR-IOV to efficiently divide your physical Ethernet device into multiple virtual devices, providing Quality of Service by ensuring each process is assigned to a Virtual Function and is provided a fair share of the bandwidth.

Producent INTEL
Produkt type Netwerkkaarten & -adapters
Poorten & interfaces
Connectiviteitstechnologie Bedraad
Intern Ja
Hostinterface PCI-E
Interface Ethernet
Aantal Ethernet LAN (RJ-45)-poorten 2
PCI versie 3.0
Overdrachtssnelheid (max) 8000 Mbit/s
Technische details
Halogeen vrij Nee
Producttype 13
Status Launched
Ethernet LAN Ja
Bekabelingstechnologie 10/100/1000BaseT(X)
LAN controller Intel X550
Overige specificaties
Soort kabel RJ-45 Category-6 up to 55m; Category-6A up to 100m
Compatibele besturingssystemen
Intel® Virtualization Technology for Connectivity (VT-c) Ja
Soort aansluiting PCIe v3.0 (8.0GT/s)
Kleur van het product Zwart, Groen
Productfamilie Intel 10 Gigabit server adapter
Productserie Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X550 Series
Intel® Virtual Machine Device Queues (VMDq) Ja
PCI-SIG* SR-IOV Capable Ja
On-chip QoS and Traffic Management Ja
Intel® Flexible Port Partitioning Ja
Intelligent Offloads Ja
Fiber Channel over Ethernet Ja
Intel® Data Direct I/O Technology Ja
Ethernet-adapter ARK ID 88209
Meer PDF-gegevens - Intel X550-T2 Intern Ethernet 8000Mbit/s netwerkkaart & -adapter - Nederlands (PDF)
PDF data sheet - Intel X550-T2 Intern Ethernet 8000Mbit/s netwerkkaart & -adapter - Nederlands (PDF)