MEAN WELL HLG-60H-24 Industrielles Netzteil - SECOMP Nederland GmbH
MEAN WELL HLG-60H-24 Industrielles Netzteil MEAN WELL HLG-60H-24 Industrielles Netzteil

MEAN WELL HLG-60H-24 Industrielles Netzteil 21193636
Merk / Fabrikant MEAN WELL fabrikant HLG-60H-24
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In 90~305 VAC, Out 24VDC/60W, IP67@@Betriebstemperatur: -40~70°C

D-Link DEM 431XT - SFP+ transceivermodule - 10GBase-SR - insteekmodule - maximaal 300 m - voor xStack DGS-3620-28PC, DGS-3620-28SC, DGS-3620-28TC, DGS-3620-52P, DGS-3620-52T

D-Link's 10 G SFP+ module series are hot-swappable SFP+ transceivers that plug into SFP+ slots on switches and support 10 G Ethernet. The D-Link 10GBase SFP+ module series transceivers offer customers a wide variety of 10 G Ethernet connectivity options for data centers, enterprise wiring closets, and service provider transport applications.
The transceivers use the Enhanced Small Formfactor Pluggable format (SFP+). The SFP+ form factor is smaller than other form factors such as Xenpak, X2, and 10 G XFP, ensuring lower costs, lower power disruption, and higher port density. They provide the necessary signal amplification for data to be transmitted to the network cable from the port, and vice versa, for the port to receive data from the network cable.
All D-Link transceivers are hot-pluggable. You can connect a transceiver while the system is powered on without causing any problems. This permits modules to be added or removed without interrupting the network. The transceivers all support 10 G Ethernet, which results in very fast data transmissions of up to 10 Gbit/s. This is 10 times faster than Gigabit Ethernet and enables the switch to handle faster and

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