VALUE MPO Trunk Kabel 50/125µm OM4, MPO/MPO, violet, 15 m - SECOMP Nederland GmbH
VALUE MPO Trunk Kabel 50/125µm OM4, MPO/MPO, violet, 15 m VALUE MPO Trunk Kabel 50/125µm OM4, MPO/MPO, violet, 15 m VALUE MPO Trunk Kabel 50/125µm OM4, MPO/MPO, violet, 15 m VALUE MPO Trunk Kabel 50/125µm OM4, MPO/MPO, violet, 15 m

VALUE MPO Trunk Kabel 50/125µm OM4, MPO/MPO, violet, 15 m 21991105
Merk / Fabrikant VALUE fabrikant 21.99.1105
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MPO (multi-fibre push-on) Verkabeling systeem

Het MPO (multi-fibre push-on) verkabelingssyteem is een gemakkelijke oplossing voor een High-Density-connector en een platte glasvezel kabel met 12 Fasers. Dit systeem wordt veelal gebruikt in rekencentra, maar ook tussen b.v. server ruimtes. Speciaal ontworpen voor een betrouwbare en snel gebruik met als extra voordeel dat het weinig plek inneemt. De MPO kabel kan ook met ander type connectoren worden gebruikt b.v. met een type LC connector waarmee dan een verbinding met standaard F.O producten of diensten kan worden aangesloten. Dit gebeurt via de module of via de Fan-Out Kabel.


  • Fully supports all optical fiber applications within the Ethernet family
  • Modular solution with reusable modules and cables
  • High-density cabling saves pathway space and gives improved airflow compared to traditional cable bundles
  • Cables are pre-terminated in the factory to the correct length with high density connectivity

MPO connectors contact usually 12 fibers in a single connection. A connection must be stable and its ends correctly aligned. These aspects are essential for achieving the required transmission parameters.
Therefore MPO connectors are available in a male version (with pins) or a female version (without pins). The pins ensure that the fronts of the connectors are exactly aligned on contact and that the end-faces of the fibers are not offset.Remark: all cables are halogen-free (LSOH). The connectors are low-loss connectors with a very low attenuation.

MPO-12 TYPE A (straight) Key-Up to Key-Down

SIDE A: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

SIDE B: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12


MPO cables are delivered already terminated. That requires greater care in planning in advance but it has a number of advantages: short installation times, tested and guaranteed quality and great reliability.

Trunk cables: Trunk cables serve as a permanent link connecting the MPO modules to each other. Trunk cables are available with 12 fibers. Their ends are terminated with 12-fiber MPO connectors female version (without pins).

Fan-Out cables: Fan-Out cables are used for the connection of a MPO cable to standard-density connectors, usually to 12 LC connectors.

Fiber optic - Cable OM4: Please see Fiber optic jumper cable 50/125µm OM4 in our catalogue. The key point of each installation is to ensure the correct wiring from transceiver to receiver. In case of using a set of cassettes, trunkcables and duplex patchcords - you need to follow a certain guideline for the polarity method of the trunkcables. The case described in the graphic is according to the polarity A method, means the duplex fibre optic jumper cables MUST be CROSS connected on one side and STRAIGHT connected on the second side.


Adapters are used to connect two MPO connectors. They enforce that both keys are up. So the two connectors are connected while in the same position in relation to each other.


Modules and adapter plates are what connect the permanent link to the standard-density patch cable. The MPO module enables the user to take the fibers brought by a trunk cable and distribute them to a duplex cable. As already assembled units, the MPO modules are fitted with 12 fibers and have LC adapters on the front side and MPO at the rear. The modules can be built in panels to be installed in a 19" rack.

Producent VALUE
Produkt groep Fiber Optic Kabel
Produkt type MPO (multi-fibre push-on)
Kleur violet
Lengte 15 m
Aantal Leidingen 12
Kabel specs. Compacte ader
Uitgangskabel nee
Leidingdoorsnede 50/125µm OM4
Type connector kant 1 MPO
Type connector kant 2 MPO
Kevlar Trekontlasting ja
Kabel LSOH ja
Technische bijzonderheden MPO-12 TYPE A (straight) Key-Up to Key-Down
Gewicht 283 g
Product Data Sheet - Nederlands (PDF)
Manufacturer data sheet - English (PDF)
  • VALUE Fibre Optic reiniging voor MPO connector 13993013

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