19-inch cabinets and wall-mounted distributors provide a secure and reliable way to store network equipment, servers and other essential components. Wall-mounted distributors are a space-saving alternative to cabinets and are perfect for small spaces. By choosing the right accessories such as fans, rails and cable management, you can optimally adapt your cabinets and wall-mounted distributors to your needs and thus improve the performance and security of your IT systems. We offer you a selection of top suppliers in the field of 19-inch cabinets & wall distributors. In addition to a selected range of products from ROLINE and VALUE, you will find the entire variety from SCHROFF, CONTEG as well as flexible and well thought-out accessory products from APRANET. We will of course help you to configure your 19 inch wall-mounted enclosure, server or network cabinet. Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you!

Things to know from the 19-inch cabinets & wall distributors area

19" cabinet technology

The classic network of a company is dynamic and grows with the company. A classic network installation consists of a combination of coordinated active and passive components. Active components include 19" servers, routers, 19" switches, POE switches, network cards, firewalls and media converters. Passive components include installation cables, patch cables, junction boxes, patch panels, fibre optic splice panels, software, 19" wall cabinets and wall-mounted enclosures. 

Last but not least, 19" wall-mounted cabinets or 19" wall-mounted enclosures are part of a network installation to protect your expensive investment. 

19" cabinet technology can be divided into 3 basic groupings: Wall cabinet, networking cabinet and server cabinet.

How do 19" wall-mounted enclosures and 19" cabinets protect your investment? The most common application scenario is indoors, in a technical room or server room. In this case, the cabinet must meet at least IP protection class 20. Unauthorised access to the active and passive components is prevented.  Orderly and clear cable routing is made possible. This in turn promotes optimal passive ventilation and simplifies troubleshooting in the event of a problem.

You can also request your customised solutions from us - we will be happy to advise you!

Wall cabinet, 6 to 18U

  • Ideal as a small cabling cabinet
  • Provides a pair of 19" angle profiles, front mounted
  • Glass door, lockable at the front and rear panel, at the back

Networking cabinet, 42U 800x800mm

  • Ideally suited as a medium and larger cabling cabinet.
  • Usually equipped with 2 pairs of 19" angle profiles, front and rear mounted.
  • Mounting of smaller 19" servers up to approx. 600mm enclosure depth is possible
  • Glass door, closed with lock at the front, steel door or rear panel, closed with lock at the rear
  • The installation of a roof fan is usually possible

Server cabinet, 42U 800x1000mm

  • Ideally suited as a medium and larger cabling cabinet or server cabinet.
  • Offers, as a rule, 2 pairs of 19" angle profiles, mounted at the front and rear.
  • The mounting of 19" servers up to approx. 800mm enclosure depth is possible. 
  • A perforated server door for passive ventilation is mounted at the front and rear.  Heat accumulation in the cabinet is thus prevented.
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