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In digital networking, KERPEN DATACOM has been supporting its customers for many years with great innovative strength and supplies high-performance components for transmission paths worldwide.

Digitalisation poses new challenges for everyone - users and manufacturers alike. For more customer proximity and new business models, it will be increasingly important to direct data flows to oneself and to use data for oneself.

KERPEN DATACOM knows how to steer data flows in the right direction. Connecting is the business of this company. For more and more bandwidth and more speed, secure and powerful transmission systems have been developed over more than 40 years - always with the application, the specification and the customers worldwide in mind.

Today, KERPEN DATACOM's product portfolio covers the complete range of transmission standards for data and communication networks. LANs in offices and industry, but also at home in the home office as well as in the connection with the Internet are growing together via the common denominators Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP), thus changing the communication landscape. KERPEN DATACOM GmbH offers investment-safe passive IT solutions in copper and fibre optic technology.

KERPEN DATACOM copper data cables and system technology are used to create high-performance systems for structured building cabling.

Prepared for the future

Increasing data traffic and ever higher customer demands on the internet have resulted in unprecedented growth in data centre infrastructure.

The high transmission rates demanded not only require high-quality cables, but there are also growing demands on the connection components.

KERPEN DATACOM meets this growing challenge with competence

  • Cable design and manufacture of high-speed data cables with individually shielded parallel pairs for applications with data transmission of up to 100 gigabits per second and for different environments.
  • Development and production of high-end systems for scalable and thus future-proof connection technology; transmission frequencies of up to 2 GHz are guaranteed.
  • Networking of small or medium-sized data centres with products from KERPEN DATACOM.
  • Specifications of individual components compliant with existing regulations and guidelines, such as CPR in connection with the Construction Products Regulation.
  • Installation and commissioning of the entire data network technology.


In order to continue to meet the ever-increasing market requirements in the future, KERPEN DATACOM GmbH works intensively with technology leaders and user organisations.

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