LED lighting technology

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As an LED technology pioneer, GRAH Lighting was one of the first manufacturers of automotive LED lighting. 

The mission is clear: to secure all technical challenges and maximise the benefits of the latest LED technology.

LED Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Professional LED lighting

Interesting facts from the field of LED lighting technology

To buy the right LED lamp, a brief overview of the most important purchase criteria:

Which lamp base do I need for the lamp socket?

Lamp bases are standardised throughout the EU. The best known are the classic screw bases ( E27 / E14 ) and the bases for halogen lamps ( GU10 / GU5.3 ).


How many watts or lumens do I need for the desired light output?

Previously watts - now lumens!

The lumen rating replaces the watt rating as the most important reference value for brightness. When replacing light bulbs, it is advisable to choose slightly higher rather than lower lumen values. The following conversion table will help you to familiarise yourself with the new lumen specifications:

Incandescent lamp (Watt)
LED lamp (Watt)
LED lamp (Lumen)
15 Watt
2-3 Watt
90 Lumen
25 Watt
4-5 Watt
220 Lumen
40 Watt
6 Watt
415 Lumen
60 Watt
8-10 Watt
710 Lumen
75 Watt
13-15 Watt
935 Lumen

What kind of light do I need?

Light colour & Kelvin

Kelvin is the unit of measurement for colour temperature. The higher the Kelvin value, the "colder or whiter" the light. The following list should help you to choose the right light:

Unit of measurement Kelvin
Colour temperature
Suitable for
Bis 2.400K
Extra warm white
Living room, bedroom
2.500K – 3.000K
warm white
Living room, bedroom
3.000K – 3.500K
Bright warm white
Dining room, study, hall, garden, etc.
3.500K – 5.000K
Neutral white
Offices, shops, kitchen, bathroom
Ab 5.000K
Daylight white
For industrial purposes
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