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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an important component to ensure that critical systems and equipment remain operational during power outages or voltage fluctuations. With a UPS, businesses and private households can ensure that important data and devices are protected from damage caused by power failures. 

Over the past 30 years, ROLINE UPS systems have established themselves as a real alternative for professional applications in the small and medium power range. High reliability, excellent efficiency and the outstanding price/performance ratio have led to steadily increasing sales.  In addition to ROLINE UPS systems, you will find a wide range of UPS systems tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Our products range from smaller UPSs for desktop computers and individual devices to larger systems that can protect entire buildings and server rooms. We also offer a variety of solutions for monitoring and managing UPS systems to ensure they are always up and running and that problems can be responded to quickly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you choose the right UPS solution for your needs.

Worth knowing from the area of UPS & power supply

Secure power supply in sensitive environments

As the topic of "secure power supply in sensitive environments" is becoming more and more important due to the new energy policy and the increasing overload of existing power grids, we would like to show you solutions on how to protect your business-critical IT systems from voltage fluctuations and power outages even on a small budget.

You will find a comprehensive range of UPS systems (online UPS, line interactive UPS, offline UPS and UPS accessories such as batteries & rechargeable batteries) and power supplies (internal power cables, external power cables, power strips, 19" power strips, TCP/IP power strips, device protection adapters, plug-in power supplies, PC power supplies, notebook power supplies, notebook car adapters, rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, batteries).

Please also note our battery replacement service for UPS systems.

3-5-9 - It's so easy to choose the right UPS!

The proven 3-5-9 voltage protection concept focuses on the nine most common voltage problems. This gives you the opportunity to precisely define your voltage protection requirements and considerably simplify the selection of the right UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

UPS of protection class 3 (offline) for work PCs individually or networked, workstation in the office or at home, cash register systems. The UPS designed for desktop use are compact, quiet and space-saving. They offer protection against the three most common voltage problems: Power failure, voltage dip and voltage surges.

UPS of protection class 5 (Line Interactive) for the medium protection level. Main areas of use are office and departmental servers, LAN systems. Protection class 5 UPS protect against the first three voltage problems as well as temporary overvoltage or undervoltage.

Protection class 9 UPS (online) for the highest protection level. The main areas of application are servers with critical databases, data centres, web hosting systems or systems with permanent voltage problems. Critical systems are sensitive to voltage fluctuations, do not tolerate downtimes and require the highest possible protection. Protection level 9 UPS provide protection against the nine most common voltage problems: power failure, voltage dips and surges, temporary over- or undervoltage, switching peaks, interference voltages, frequency fluctuations, harmonic harmonics.

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Battery replacement service for UPS systems

UPS systems are indispensable for business-critical applications in IT, process control, telecommunications or for protection in the medical sector. 

The highest possible availability of the UPS requires professional care and maintenance. Since UPS batteries are wearing parts, they should be replaced after 3 years at the latest. 

Your advantage:
- Flawless functioning of your UPS
- High reliability in case of need
- Full availability again during the bridging time

That is why we offer the following services in our Service Centre:
- Removal of the old batteries with professional disposal (proof on request)
- Basic cleaning of the UPS
- Installation of new batteries (compatible or original kit)
- Checking the battery charging voltage / calibration
- Function and load test of the UPS on the test bench
- Communication test, serial or USB
- Turnaround time from delivery: approx. 24h
- Service protocol

To make use of our UPS service, please use the form "UPS service" under Service & Support.

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Bachmann IT and Facility Systems: Desktop connector panels - Custom modules - Multiple socket outlets

Innovative products for professional users

The subject of power distribution and network connection is something that each of us encounters on his or her own desk. Rarely are these integrated into desk combinations and usually have a disruptive effect. The Bachmann company has specialised in the subject of desk connection panels for years. We will be happy to advise you, because these solutions are as individual as you and your requirements.

Bachmann Facility Systems guarantee that you can use optimum connections and best connections worldwide. Bachmann Facility Systems can be configured with all standard international sockets and data connections, making them ideal system solutions for offices, conference and training rooms. Modules can be retrofitted or replaced quickly and without great effort.

The BACHMANN complete catalogue is available for download as a PDF under Publications.

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