Efficient office organisation can significantly improve productivity and comfort in the workplace. Monitor holders, monitor stands and monitor arms help to place the screen in the perfect position, avoiding neck and eye strain. Label printers make it easier to label folders and documents, while PC holders and PC furniture save desk space. Server furniture offers a practical solution for storing network and server equipment. Cable ties, cable bridges and Velcro straps keep cable chaos tidy and safe.

Interesting facts from the field of office organisation

Everything for a clean office workplace!

With the ROLINE cleaning products we offer you environmentally friendly cleaning cloths and sprays for all purposes at the office workplace.

Printers, keyboards, monitors, housings etc. can be easily cleaned with the ROLINE universal cleaning cloths. For inaccessible areas, we recommend the ROLINE pressurised gas cleaner with spray tube. For flat screens, laptops, tablets etc. it is best to use the ROLINE screen cleaner TFT.

Mounts for LCD screens and TV monitors

There is hardly a household, an office or a company that can do without them. We are talking about mounts for LCD screens, whether for use at the PC workstation or for TV monitors. 

We offer numerous monitor arms for the ergonomic alignment of single or multiple monitors. Our monitor arms are available in black or silver and with different load capacities depending on the model. The desk versions are fixed with a screw clamp or drill hole in the desk, but there are also wall mounts and roller stands. And with the installation videos on our YouTube channel or our website, set-up is particularly quick and easy.

With us you will find a wide range of monitor mounts, monitor stands, monitor arms and monitor supports as table and wall mounts as well as VESA adapters from various manufacturers. Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you!

Monitor / keyboard stands / workstations

Once upon a time, the standard PC workstation consisted of a desk with an office chair and a desktop PC with a permanently installed screen, keyboard and mouse. But this constellation has long since ceased to be a matter of course. Today, PC workstations are increasingly mobile. Or, for reasons of back health, a standing workstation is preferred. And these are by no means the only possibilities.

We have different solutions for special PC or notebook workstations or for mobile screen use and offer these with an optimised price-performance ratio for you. See for yourself!

PC holder / base

Space-saving PC holders create more room on your desk. Here you will find an overview of PC holders / bases from various manufacturers.

Cable ties / cable bridges

So that there is the necessary order at your workplace. Stow away the monitor and power cables in an easy way and enjoy it. Here you will find an overview of cable ties / cable bridges from various manufacturers.

VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners

The VELCRO company is still the market leader in hook and loop fasteners and produces them for all kinds of applications in the private sector as well as for industrial use, in various colours and shapes. Here you will find an overview of various Velcro solutions from VELCRO®.


VELCRO® Professional Series

VELCRO® brand fastening systems for the building industry are a "green" alternative for manufacturers, architects and construction companies and can help with certification according to ecological rating systems (e.g. Green Building Rating System). These fastening solutions can limit the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), prevent adhesive outgassing and reduce construction waste, while reducing installation effort. VELCRO® brand construction fastening systems require minimal tools, are easy to replace and reposition, prevent damage to the building envelope, are suitable for a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, and increase productivity and reduce labour costs.


VELCRO® Self-adhesive / Adhesive

Put an end to glue, nails and smudged fingers. With VELCRO® brand "stick on" products, you can quickly and easily attach your items to a wall, scrapbook or anywhere else you want. You don't need a hammer or DIY instructions, not even a steady hand - just an idea and a few minutes.


VELCRO® reusable

Create order in your home, on the road or wherever you are with a selection of clever VELCRO® brand straps and ties. With our products, it's easy for anyone to get a grip on things - whether it's securing your gear in a hurry, going on the boldest of excursions with extra-strong designs, or managing a move. We are ready for anything!


VELCRO® for textiles to sew on / to stick on

We want to help the sewing artists and beginners among you alike to take your art to a whole new level. That's why we have some pretty useful products on offer that can not only make working with textiles easier, but also give you a clever system that makes them extra functional. Our VELCRO® brand products for textiles makes working with your materials easier, so that the design in your head can become the project in your hands.

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