Discover our wide range of HDMI cables and audio/video cables for your home cinema or multimedia setup. We offer cables in various lengths and configurations, including high-speed HDMI cables for 4K, 8K and even 10K resolutions. You can also find adapters to ensure hassle-free connectivity between different devices. With our high-quality cables and adapters, you can be sure to enjoy a premium audio and video experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you choose the right cable for your needs.

Interesting facts from the field of audio/video cables


Top quality without compromise! High-quality connector housings, gold-plated plug contacts and the best fabric material with double shielding guarantee optimum signal quality. The new ROLINE GOLD cable series offers an optimum price/performance ratio, especially for newcomers to the high-end sector. ROLINE GOLD cables are available as HDMI cables, DVI cables, DisplayPort cables, USB cables, audio cables, video cables and antenna cables. Available in attractive blister packaging for retailers or resellers.

HDMI High Speed Monitor Cable

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the standard interface in the multimedia sector for the transmission of HDTV signals and other content. It standardises existing transmission methods and expands the quality features of the previous transmission types. Thanks to the maximum resolution of up to 1080p (1920x1080 / 1920x1200) at up to 60Hz, the "HDMI High Speed" version is the current standard in the home user sector and thus offers video displays in Full HD as well as 3D TV. 

HDMI High Speed with Ethernet monitor cable

The "HDMI High Speed with Ethernet" variant transmits image signals up to 2160p (3840x2160) at 30Hz and thus offers the capacity for video displays in 4K and 3D TV - the standard is also equipped with an additional HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) for network connections and an Audio Return Channel (ARC) for the return of audio signals.

HDMI Ultra HD with Ethernet (UHD-1) monitor cable

An even better video presentation is achieved with "HDMI Ultra HD with Ethernet", also called UHD-1 - the standard transmits picture signals up to 2160p (3840x2160) at up to 60Hz and thus offers a much smoother picture presentation in UHD as well as in 3D TV. The additional HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) for network connections, the Audio Return Channel (ARC) for the return of audio signals and the new feature HDR for a far better colour space are also used here. Cables in this category are essential accessories for anyone who wants to take full advantage of a 4K TV, monitor or projector - both as a home user and in the professional sector.

HDMI Ultra HD with Ethernet (UHD-2) monitor cable

The standard "HDMI Ultra HD with Ethernet" also knows the UHD-2 quality, which supports particularly future-proof resolutions up to 8K (7680x4320) at up to 60Hz. These are dedicated cables in which all the features of UHD-1 are adopted. The first 8K-capable devices are already on the market for private users. Nevertheless, for the time being this is a standard intended for professional users.

DisplayPort monitor cable

DP (DisplayPort) is a universal standard for the transmission of image and sound signals. Areas of application are in particular the connection of monitors or also TV sets to computers and similar devices. DisplayPort and HDMI are competing standards, although originally for different areas of application. An important technical difference: a connection from DisplayPort to HDMI or DVI is not bidirectional and thus can only be used in one direction, because the DisplayPort connection must be used on the data source side (e.g. at the graphics card) due to the protocol. 

DisplayPort v1.1

DisplayPort v1.1 supports a maximum resolution of 1920x1600 at up to 60Hz and is thus roughly comparable to HDMI High Speed and is still ideally suited for the current market. An important advantage of DisplayPort is the way it locks in place, which, unlike DVI, does not need to be screwed in place, but latches in securely.

DisplayPort v1.2

DisplayPort v1.2 is the first interface standard that enables 4K resolutions. It achieves up to 3840x2560 at 60Hz, which makes DisplayPort v1.2 predestined for applications with high graphics requirements on a PC or notebook, such as PC games or graphic design. DisplayPort v1.2 uses the daisy chain feature for the first time, which allows monitors connected via DisplayPort to be connected in series and used independently of each other, so that only one DP output is required on the PC/notebook.

DisplayPort v1.3 and v1.4

DisplayPort v1.3 and v1.4 use identical cable material. In addition to the already known daisy chain, the standards are supplemented by HDR support and image compression through colour subsampling (DSC, Display Screen Compression), which are supported by both standards. DisplayPort v1.4, however, adds FEC (Forward Error Correction), an error correction to avoid data loss when using DSC. DisplayPort v1.3 and v1.4 both support a maximum resolution of 5K or 2880p (equivalent to 5120x2880) at 60Hz without the use of compression and DisplayPort v1.4 even supports up to 8K or 4320p (equivalent to 7680x4320) at 30Hz when DSC is used.

A/V cables with 3.5mm plug

Here you will find audio cables with 3.5 mm jack plugs in various lengths and plug combinations.

A/V cables with cinch plugs

Here you will find A/V cables with cinch plugs in various lengths. For analogue signal transmission in private audio/video applications such as hi-fi systems, TVs, DVD players. Simplex or duplex version.

A/V cables with S-Video plug

We offer A/V cables with S-Video plugs in various lengths. Application: Analogue connection cable between DVD player/VHS video recorder and TV set. Better signal quality than the composite video cable thanks to separate transmission of brightness (luminance) and colour (chrominance) information.

A/V Toslink cable

We offer Toslink cables or optical audio cables in various lengths. Toslink is a standardised optical fibre connection system for optical signal transmissions in the range of up to about 20 Mbps. It is used for the digital transmission of audio signals in consumer products, for example between components such as CD and DVD players and audio amplifiers or D/A converters.

TV aerial cable

Here you will find an overview of TV antenna cables from various manufacturers in different lengths. These coaxial cables with Belling-Lee connectors are used to connect TV or radio sets to antenna sockets.

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