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Our range of consumer electronics accessories offers a wide selection of audio-video cables, video switches, video distributors, video extensions, TV mounts and hi-fi equipment. Our audio-video cables are available in a variety of lengths and configurations and offer excellent sound and picture quality. Our video switches and distributors allow you to connect multiple devices to one TV or projector for a seamless entertainment experience. Our video extensions allow you to place your devices in a remote location and still enjoy excellent picture and sound quality. Our TV mounts are sturdy and durable and allow you to mount your TV on the wall or ceiling. We offer a variety of options for different TV sizes and weights. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you choose the right consumer electronics accessories for your needs.

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Top quality without compromise! High-quality connector housings, gold-plated plug contacts and the best fabric material with double shielding guarantee optimum signal quality. The new ROLINE GOLD cable series offers an optimum price/performance ratio, especially for newcomers to the high-end sector. ROLINE GOLD cables are available as HDMI cables, DVI cables, DisplayPort cables, USB cables, audio cables, video cables and antenna cables.

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