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Smart buildings - revolutionarily simple, wireless and secure. And flexible at all times.

The intelligent and simple technology of frogblue offers everything a smart home should be able to do. Frogblue controls lighting, shading, heating, access and the alarm system in an energy-efficient way. The solution works with so-called frogs, which find their place, for example, behind the light switch/button, in the suspended ceiling, in the lamp outlet, distribution box or roller shutter box. They do not need a connection to the internet, communication is via the future-proof and energy-saving Bluetooth®-LE (Low Energy) standard. Among other things, they are installed in the flush-mounted box and a 230 volt power connection is sufficient for operation. The system is resistant to interference. Additional security is provided by the double encryption and the time stamp, accurate to the second, which every message sent to the frogblue system contains.

The frogblue control is simple and modern

When it comes to security in the smart home, frogblue offers the ideal conditions. The system is just as convincing with its simple installation and operation as it is with its price. Even complex functions that increase comfort or security and ensure sustainable economy are handled by frogblue. And all this can be controlled via a conventional light switch/button. Thus frogblue works ...

  • without cables
  • without a central control unit
  • without time-consuming work
  • without IT technology
  • without a control cabinet
  • without space in the sub-distribution board and
  • without cloud.

The use of frogblue can be designed flexibly. Everything is possible, from the control of a single outdoor light to the networking of the entire house. In addition, the automatic regulation of the light, for example, can have a positive effect on the energy efficiency and sustainability of the Smart Home.

This is what lies behind the foundation and the brand of frogblue

From A to Z made in Germany - that is frogblue. The company attaches great importance to high-quality and user-friendly components. That is why they have had their frogs tested and certified by the independent VDE Institute. In the process, the devices were examined in over a hundred tests for electrical safety and fire protection. 

Dr Ralf Hinkel and his son René Hinkel are behind frogblue. As head of development and production, René Hinkel is responsible for the always up-to-date technology of the frogs. His father, as CEO, contributes his 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry. Two renowned technology companies have already come from the Hinkel family. Quadriga GmbH was founded in 1990 and manufactures levelling lasers. With the development and production of intelligent network cameras, MOBOTIX AG, which was founded in 1999, was able to secure market shares.

Application scenarios for frogblue products

Using two examples, we would like to briefly explain what is possible with frogblue. However, many other scenarios are conceivable for an individually equipped smart home.


The changeover circuit


With frogblue, changeover circuits work without laying cables, without control components and without a central unit. The control of, for example, the living room, dining room and kitchen lights can be set up with three frogblue units behind the respective light switches. This is because three light switches can be connected to each of the 300W dimmers (frogDim 1-3).

Additional button patterns can be assigned to the central functions or light scenarios that cover the entire building. After a double click, for example, the light could be switched off in all rooms. Holding the push-button for a short or long time could dim the light by fifty or seventy percent. This provides ambience in the evening or dim light in the children's room. These functions are compatible with all standard switch and push-button programmes.


The outdoor lighting


A particularly practical feature for outdoor lighting and security is that a power connection and a push-button are all that is needed for control. With frogblue, large outdoor areas can be conveniently illuminated and thus monitored. The motion detector is located at one of the frog's entrances, for example. When it is triggered, the spotlights are switched on for the configured time with the help of a frogblue actuator. If several actuators are in use, they communicate with each other via the wireless frogblue Bluetooth® network.

An input module and a light switch/button are required to control or permanently switch the outdoor lighting on or off from inside. Using a conventional twilight switch, the light can also be switched on and off automatically via the astro function (or at defined times). In this case, the light adapts to the time of dawn and burns automatically at night, for example.

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You can find more information on the frogblue website. However, you are welcome to contact us directly for individual advice on frogblue. Our sales team looks forward to hearing from you.

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