i-PRO EMEA - Industry know-how from Panasonic's history

i-PRO EMEA has existed since 1 October 2021 as part of Japan-based i-PRO Co Ltd.

Building on a strong foundation with over 60 years of industry expertise from Panasonic's history, i-PRO offers high-performance hardware at the highest product standard as your proven and trusted partner among security manufacturers.

These products are complemented by innovative open technology such as AI, with data security and DSGVO in mind, all at a good price-performance ratio.

The i-PRO brand represents next-generation technology and innovation thanks to its flexible AI edge computing platform, which can be customised and is directly integrated into the latest line-up. 

The combination of high-quality images and the ability to analyse data directly on the camera using Deep Learning enables the cameras to be used in many new areas, from automating processes in industry to maintaining shelf stock in supermarkets to monitoring the health and safety of customers in shops in times of pandemics.

In today's modern world, speed and flexibility are essential.

i-PRO's agility is the foundation for working with partners, tailoring offerings to their needs to add value and respond quickly to the challenges of changing market demands. This makes i-PRO the security manufacturer you can count on.

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