IP cameras, also known as network cameras, are an important component of modern security systems. They enable real-time monitoring of rooms and outdoor areas and offer features such as motion detection, facial recognition and automated alarms to quickly detect and respond to suspicious activity. IP surveillance systems allow centralised monitoring from multiple locations, which is particularly useful for businesses and public institutions. Integrating IP cameras into existing networks also allows for easy management and remote access to live video and recordings. Modern IP cameras also offer high image resolution and enhanced night vision capabilities. Security systems with IP cameras are an effective way to improve the security of businesses, public facilities and private homes and minimise the risks of burglary, theft or vandalism. Contact us to learn more about IP cameras and IP surveillance systems and how we can help you meet your security needs. We offer a comprehensive range of IP-Surveillance products, such as network cameras, video servers, camera housings, network video recorders and accessories from various manufacturers, such as VIVOTEK, MOBOTIX, D-LINK, TRENDNET or I-PRO. Please take a look at our video surveillance planning sheet. Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you!

Interesting facts from the area of IP cameras & accessories

Advantages of digital video surveillance

IP cameras - synonymous with network cameras or WLAN cameras - send the recorded images via video stream to an IP network. These images can be easily received and viewed anywhere in the world on a PC/laptop, smartphone or tablet. Watching your baby with one click, documenting break-ins or checking if the cooker top is turned off while on holiday - IP cameras make it possible.

Network cameras are more than just webcams that need to be permanently connected to a PC via USB. Network cameras are stand-alone devices that, like any other network device, benefit from the advantages of a networked structure: you can access these cameras from anywhere you have access to your network, and especially with state-of-the-art devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs.

Image data is sent directly from the camera, and the image data streams can be very easily archived on modern storage devices such as hard disks, network storage or even directly on the camera memory card. Existing security mechanisms in networks, such as user accounts and user rights, grant or deny access to certain persons or accounts very easily and quickly.

If user-friendly video management software is also used, viewing and searching stored footage is simplified even further: the time period can be selected very quickly and a lot of time is saved through intelligent search functions, such as searching for a disappeared object (before/after comparison) or for movements in a certain area (by setting virtual fences and borders). The latest models can already calculate this on the camera and only pass on this "meta data" together with image information to the management system. This relieves the central system and allows it to process information almost in real time.

If a user (e.g. security service provider) is alerted promptly by email, he or she immediately receives important information ("In area XY, alarm line 1 has been exceeded..."), an alarm image as an attachment and, optimally, can access the camera directly via the Internet. The situation can thus be assessed immediately and costly false alarms and deployments can be avoided. By using video servers, analogue cameras can be retrofitted with the intelligence of a network camera - afterwards, the integration and the range of functions is identical to a network camera. Special cameras, such as board cameras, camouflaged cameras or medical cameras, can also be easily integrated into the network world.

VIVOTEK Network Cameras

VIVOTEK offers a wide range of professional and affordable network cameras. Authorised users can easily view live video over the IP network. Through the web interface, you can view your indoor and outdoor area anytime and from anywhere.

VIVOTEK's entire network camera range extends from simple entry-level to high-end cameras. This allows you to find the right camera for any surveillance application. All cameras are equipped with built-in motion detection so that recording only takes place when there is motion in the image.

In addition to high-quality hardware, VIVOTEK offers all kinds of helpful software for professional use of the devices.

D-LINK Vigilance Cameras

Professional video surveillance. Simple. Cost-effective.

With Vigilance camera products you get a professional, full-featured and high-resolution video surveillance solution that is also easy to install and very cost-effective. The range consists of cameras specifically designed for different surveillance and environmental conditions. The range extends from stand-alone surveillance solutions that allow you to record video footage without additional software or equipment, to cameras that are protected against weather and vandalism.

MOBOTIX - A Forge of Innovation Made in Germany

Since its foundation in Germany in 1999, MOBOTIX AG has not only been regarded as an innovative technology driver in network camera technology, but its decentralized concept is what makes profitable high-resolution video systems possible in the first place. Whether embassies, airports, train stations, ports, gas stations, hotels or highways - MOBOTIX video systems have been in use on all continents for years.

MOBOTIX has been exclusively manufacturing megapixel cameras for years and is considered the technology leader for high-resolution video systems in this field. The decentralised MOBOTIX concept is characterised by the fact that a high-performance computer and, if required, a digital memory (microSD card) for long-term recording are integrated into each camera.

MOBOTIX cameras can also record event-controlled without a central PC or DVR and digitally store video with sound for the long term. This is why MOBOTIX solutions are unrivalled in price, even for small systems, despite better image quality.

i-PRO Security Cameras

The i-PRO brand represents next-generation technology and innovation thanks to its flexible AI edge computing platform, which can be customised and is directly integrated into the latest line-up. 

The combination of high-quality images and the ability to analyse data directly on the camera using Deep Learning enables the cameras to be used in many new areas, from automating processes in industry to maintaining shelf stock in supermarkets to monitoring the health and safety of customers in shops in times of pandemics. 

In today's modern world, speed and flexibility are essential. i-PRO's agility forms the basis for working with partners, tailoring offerings to their needs to add value and respond quickly to the challenges of changing market demands - making i-PRO the security manufacturer you can count on.

TRENDNET Network Cameras

The extensive IP camera surveillance range from TRENDnet allows you to find the right camera for your project at any time. Our HD cameras are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. With the cameras you get a management software with numerous functions which can be upgraded to enterprise level.

Mobile apps are also available. Different camera features such as PoE, wireless, optical and/or digital zoom, variofocus lenses, speed dome, motorised dome/PTZ, 4MP and night vision are available for you to choose from.

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