SCHROFF - Combinable. Modular. Scalable.

nVent SCHROFF offers electronics cabinets, server cabinets, racks for embedded computer systems and PCB accessories.

nVent SCHROFF has been synonymous with innovation since it was founded in Germany in 1962, starting with the development of a subrack for euroboards that helped make the 19'' standard universal. nVent continues to pioneer electronic infrastructure for a wide range of applications today.


The globally recognised products from nVent SCHROFF meet national and international standards for electronics packaging and comply with IEC 60297-3-x and IEEE 1101.x.


Avoid costly in-house developments and save time and money by relying on standards-based solutions from SCHROFF, modified specifically to your requirements.

What sets SCHROFF products apart at a glance:

  • Certified according to global standards
  • Global availability
  • Outstanding quality
  • Innovative solutions
  • Comprehensive thermal management
  • Wide range of standard products
  • Modification according to customer requirements
  • Customised new developments
  • Customer-oriented way of thinking and working
  • Service quality with competence
  • Comprehensive tests
  • Best price/performance ratio

Disguise. Protect. Cool.

The product spectrum ranges from electronics cabinets, laboratory racks and subracks to shock- and vibration-resistant rugged solutions. SCHROFF is therefore the right partner when it comes to protecting communication and electronic equipment.

In addition to the products in the standard range, the SCHROFF brand also offers customised solutions. For example, SCHROFF front panels can be configured with customised cut-outs and colours.

Protection of electronics: Not only within 19''

As one of the leading innovators of 19'' technology, SCHROFF is expanding its delivery spectrum with products for other form factors. With its innovative housing design and accessories, the SCHROFF brand's "Interscale" product family ensures a short integration time and can be adapted to individual requirements. This is the way to offer the right solution at the right time even for small and non-standard PCBs.

A few facts about SCHROFF products

Outdoor cabinets


SCHROFF outdoor cabinets have been tested several times and ensure the safe survival of sensitive electronics outdoors. This includes a forward-looking and flexible climate concept for a wide range of applications.

Cabinets for data technology


SCHROFF cabinets (VARISTAR) for data technology not only meet the technical specifications of all common server types - they also look good!

Electronic cabinets


Electronics cabinets (NOVASTAR) are ideally suited for use in harsh industrial environments and protect electronics from contamination by dust, oil or water. The safety against electromagnetic radiation is unique; even at high frequencies, they guarantee the trouble-free operation of machines and systems. The high stability also enables the installation of heavy components.



Flexibility, modularity, functionality and design are the decisive criteria when selecting suitable enclosures. SCHROFF enclosures, both as desktop enclosures (ratiopacPRO, propacPRO, compacPRO, comptec) and as wall-mounted enclosures (CONCEPTLINE) combine sophisticated technology with modern industrial design. They feature effective shielding against electromagnetic interference and also impress with their ergonomic and aesthetic design.



The subracks (europacPRO, multipacPRO, inpac) are based on standardised components. Within a modular system, they allow for highly cost-effective solutions. And all this with the highest demands on the safety of the entire system. Electronics for mobile applications need solid construction mechanics. The basic designs of our products already include measures for EMC, shock and vibration resistance as well as problem-free handling.

All products of the brand SCHROFF

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