Mobile accessories for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks, laptops, Macbooks or ultrabooks include a wide range of products that make mobile working and mobile entertainment easier. These include USB data & charging cables, USB display adapters, docking stations, stands & mounts and USB chargers. USB Data & Charging Cables allow you to charge mobile devices and transfer data. USB display adapters allow you to connect your laptop or tablet to external monitors, projectors or TVs. Docking stations offer a variety of ports and make it easy to connect peripherals such as keyboards, mice, external hard drives and monitors. Stands and mounts offer a convenient way to set up or hold your device in different positions. USB chargers offer a quick and convenient way to charge your devices on the go. It is important to ensure that the mobile accessories match the specific needs and compatibility requirements of the device.

Things to know in the field of mobile computing

USB Type C cables and adapters for mobile devices

An interesting development is the Type C plug, which was introduced at the same time as USB version 3. The USB Type C plug is reversible and offers functional possibilities that go far beyond previous interfaces, e.g. the control of the charging current to or from a mobile device.
The Type C plug has been widespread in the Apple world for a long time and has become the connector par excellence for MacBooks. Now, other platforms are increasingly coming along, e.g. Android smartphones or newly developed motherboards that offer Type C interfaces. In addition, there are more and more peripheral devices, starting with external hard drives and USB sticks, but by no means ending there.
To connect such additional devices to computers or mobile devices, the user also needs the corresponding cables and adapters with Type C on at least one end.

Photo and video transmission for almost all end devices with USB type C connection.

VGA, DVI, HDMI & DisplayPort monitor cable with universal USB Type C interface for NUCs, MacBooks, Ultrabooks and all other devices with USB-C connection.

By means of the universally applicable, reversible USB type C interface to the common video interfaces VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort, we offer practical all-round cables for use on the road or at the workplace. The cables allow you to easily mirror or expand the screen of your PC, laptop or even that of mobile devices to external display devices such as monitors, beamers or TVs - and without additional software!  Provided that the USB Type-C port on your device supports "Alternate Mode" (Alt Mode for short).

In everyday work, these cables provide a useful remedy to the mass of adapters you otherwise have to choose between when you want to expand images from your end device via USB Type C.

USB On-The-Go / USB OTG - What is it?

USB OTG stands for USB On-The-Go. This can be translated as "USB on the way", i.e. "USB on the move".

By design, USB is organised hierarchically. At the top is always a so-called host, which is usually a PC. All other USB devices then only work in relation to this host. This applies to devices such as printers, keyboards or USB sticks and external hard drives, but also smartphones and digital cameras. Accordingly, pictures from the digital camera, for example, would first have to be loaded onto the PC in order to be saved from there onto the USB stick.

USB OTG was developed to connect these devices directly with each other. With USB OTG, the pictures from the digital camera can be saved directly to a directly connected USB stick. Or data from a smartphone can be stored on a connected external hard drive.

To be able to do this, both connected devices must be OTG-capable, i.e. support this standard. And in addition, a USB OTG cable is needed to connect the two devices. Usually, OTG-capable devices are marked accordingly - by a green arrow with the words On-The-Go under the USB logo.

USB chargers for mobile devices

Who hasn't experienced this? Just when you need it most, your smartphone battery is flat. And of course you have put the original charger away somewhere and can't find it. Or you are offered a colleague's charger, but unfortunately it is not compatible. Or the only available socket is already blocked by another mobile device.

If you are familiar with such situations, then take a look at our range of USB chargers. In addition to different looks, there are different connection options and various additional functions. We have chargers for the car as well as for the socket at home. There are chargers that offer a USB Type-C connection or that support the QuickCharge (QC) function of your mobile device. And there are charging stations that allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Do you have any questions about the devices on offer or about other mobile devices? Just give us a call, we'll be happy to help.

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