19" accessories such as shelves, fans, cable guides and other expansion parts are indispensable for the safe and efficient storage of network devices, servers and other important components in cabinets and wall distributors. Shelves ensure tidy storage of equipment and improve air circulation. Fans provide optimal cooling and prevent overheating. Tidy cable routing not only improves the appearance but also the security of your IT infrastructure. Expansion parts such as rails and supports make it easy to mount and dismount equipment. In addition to a select range of products from ROLINE and VALUE, you will find the whole variety from SCHROFF, CONTEG as well as flexible and well thought-out accessory products from APRANET. Of course, we will help you configure your 19-inch wall-mounted enclosure, server or network cabinet. Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you!

Interessante feiten op het gebied van 19-inch accessoires

Stationary 19" enclosures

A wide range of hardware is used in the 19" sector, which of course has to be installed efficiently and securely in the server cabinet. Server cabinets are generally becoming more and more important, because in addition to large corporations, telephone companies and operators of data centres, smaller companies from the SME sector are also increasingly relying on their own servers to store sensitive and important data. Mobile studios in server form have also become very popular with event organisers, as they only need to be set up and configured once and the hardware is available centrally at a fixed location.

A 19" rack is a standardised "cage" in width and height that can accommodate several modules. The front panel is 19 inches wide and has a variable height specified in U/UH (units / unit heights). One U comprises 1.752 inches or 44.45 mm.

The SECOMP GmbH range consists of a variety of enclosures between one and four height units, which are suitable for the most diverse usage scenarios - from a hardware firewall in our 1U enclosure to the complete accommodation of your hardware in a 4U enclosure, all options are open to you.

Our enclosures support you with as many slots as possible for hard disks and several pre-installed, ball-bearing fans.

At SECOMP GmbH you will not only find the right enclosure at any time, but also the right network cabinet if required. We offer wall-mounted enclosures from 6U to 18U, as well as professional server cabinets in 42U for you - and always in sufficient quantities to equip even professional data centres.

Shelves / Dividers

Fan / Climate

Fascia panels / cable routing

Socket strips 19 inch

Other 19-inch extension parts

19-inch LCD KVM Switch

UPS Online 19-inch design

UPS-LineInteractive 19-inch design

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