Smart home systems offer the possibility to network and automatically control various devices and functions in a house. The Bluetooth-based control modules from frogblue make this particularly easy and flexible. IP video door stations are also a practical addition for more security and convenience. The combination of these technologies opens up a multitude of possibilities to make the home even more comfortable and secure. We offer Smart Home solutions for an automated intelligent home: High-resolution 180° fisheye lenses show a seamless image of the entire entrance area. When the doorbell rings, doors can be opened by remote stations from anywhere. Electrical appliances are monitored via app from anywhere. Lamps switch on when movement is detected. Individually set lighting schedules ensure a cosy welcome and simulate presence. Monitoring solutions that can be viewed from a distance contribute to a relaxed holiday...

Things to know from the SmartHome area

Door stations with advanced IP technology

Most video door stations are based on analogue TV technology. These systems offer low image quality and limited intercom functionality.

The digital video door station from MOBOTIX works network-based and offers high-resolution hemispheric video technology in the megapixel range, keyless access with RFID and digital voice messaging with access via smartphones or PC.

The MOBOTIX IP video door station can be connected and powered via a standard network cable or, with Mx2wire+ technology, via a simple, redundant standard two-wire line such as bell wire, antenna line or coaxial cable.

Through a combination of MOBOTIX 6MP hemispheric technology and integrated VoIP/SIP, the globally unique MX-T25 modular IP video door station offers full access control and video intercom - from home or via mobile app even when on the move.

Smart buildings - revolutionarily simple, wireless and secure. And flexible at all times.

The intelligent and simple technology of frogblue offers everything a smart home should be able to do. Frogblue controls lighting, shading, heating, access or the alarm system in an energy-efficient way. The solution works with so-called frogs, which find their place behind the light switch/button, for example. (They can also be installed in the suspended ceiling, the lamp outlet, distribution box or roller shutter box). They do not require a connection to the Internet; communication is via the future-proof and energy-saving Bluetooth®-LE (Low Energy) standard. Among other things, they are installed in the flush-mounted box and a 230 volt power connection is sufficient for operation. The system is resistant to interference. Additional security is provided by the double encryption and the time stamp, accurate to the second, which every message sent to the frogblue system contains.

When it comes to security in the Smart Home, frogblue offers the ideal prerequisites. The system convinces with its simple installation and operation as well as with its price. Even complex functions that increase comfort or security and ensure sustainable economy are handled by frogblue. And all this can be controlled via a conventional light switch/button. Thus, frogblue works without cables, without a central control unit, without complex work, without IT technology, without a control cabinet, without space in the sub-distribution & without a cloud.

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