Multimedia has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Whether for watching films, video conferencing or gaming - high-quality video and audio components are essential. Video selectors, distributors and extenders make it possible to connect several devices and distribute video signals to several screens. Video grabbers and digitizers help transfer old VHS tapes or other analogue videos to digital media. Speakers, microphones, headsets and webcams ensure optimal audio and video quality for online meetings, podcasts or gaming sessions.

As an ATEN distributor, we are happy to assist you with projects involving PC control and image/sound distribution via networks. ATEN has been very successful in this field for 20 years and, with its Altusen and VanCryst product ranges, has a product portfolio that leaves nothing to be desired. Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you!

Interesting facts from the field of multimedia

Digital signage

Digital signage is the use of digital media content in advertising and information systems such as electronic posters, electronic traffic signs, advertising in shops (in-store marketing), digital door signs or large-screen projections. Networked (audio-)visual information systems are used whose content can be either program-controlled or manually compiled. This requires a combination of presentation technology that includes play-out hardware (PC systems, DVD players, Blu-Ray systems), network connections and software for play-out, content management and network management. Digital signage offers components for image and sound distribution and for connecting multimedia sources to remote presentation locations.

The following digital signage application possibilities can be distinguished:

1. audio/video extension:
The extension solution is an extension of an existing image transmission chain to transmit content (with or without sound) to remote locations.

2. audio/video splitting:
The splitting component distributes the content at the end of the transmission chain to multiple image and sound output devices.


Video switches

Video selectors or video switches display the video output from multiple video sources on a monitor or projector. Switching between the video sources is usually done via buttons on the switch or automatically.

Video splitter

Video splitters display the video output from one video source on several monitors or projectors. Ideal for use in presentations or for training purposes.

Video matrix switches

The video matrix switch connects several video signal sources with several video display devices and is thus the combination of a video splitter and a video switch.

Video extender

Video extenders, video amplifiers or video extenders are used to extend the distance between the video source and the display device, such as a monitor or beamer. When extending via TP, two extenders are simply connected via an inexpensive twisted pair Cat.5e or Cat.6 cable, with the local unit connected to the video source and the remote unit connected to the display device. Ideal for conference rooms or home cinema systems.

Barco ClickShare: Wireless stand-alone presentation systems for meeting rooms

For a successful meeting you need confidence. Trust in the ideas, trust in the presentations, but also trust in the technology of the meeting room.

For this reason, Barco has developed ClickShare. With this wireless presentation system, users can easily share what's on their laptop or mobile device via the presentation screen. Without cables, configuration or waiting for participants.

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