Here you will find other accessories from the consumer electronics sector, such as Velcro strips, cable ties, cable bridges, socket strips and cleaning products. In addition, we offer a small range of selected household appliances.

Velcro tapes and cable ties are often used to organise and fix cables and wires. They are easy to install and can be used repeatedly. Cable bridges are also an important solution to protect cables and wires and avoid tripping hazards.

Power strips provide additional sockets and ensure a safe power supply for electronic devices. They can also be equipped with child safety locks to prevent injuries from electric shocks.

Cleaning products are an important part of office and workplace hygiene. They help remove dirt, bacteria and viruses to create a healthier working environment. From disinfectants to cleaning wipes to cleaning products for keyboards and screens, there are a variety of cleaning products available.

Velcro tapes

Cable ties / cable bridges

Power strips

Cleaning products


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