We offer the following eBusiness and eCommerce opportunities

As a leading supplier in the B2B sector, we understand the importance of professional and comprehensive eBusiness and eCommerce capabilities for our valued customers and partners. That is why we strive to offer you a wide range of electronic solutions, ranging from electronic data provision and electronic ordering to drop shipping with your own packing slip layout.

In addition, we offer electronic ordering, so that you can place orders in a fast and automated way. This saves you valuable time and minimizes errors that can occur during manual processing. With our advanced eCommerce platform you can easily browse our range, select products and place your orders on a user-friendly interface.

For drop shipping, we offer you the option to ship products directly to your customers, using your own packing slip format. This allows you to provide a seamless and personalized experience to your customers, while we take care of the logistics and shipping process.

Contact us to learn more about our electronic solutions and how we can support your business needs. Our team of experts is ready to guide and assist you in implementing these modern tools in your business operations.

eCatalogue / PDI / Electronic provision of price lists, availability and article data


Would you like our prices and availability or our complete article data to be provided regularly - free of charge and directly for import into your ERP system, your PIM system, your eShop?

Simply fill out the Excel form and send it back to us or contact us and discuss your individual article data provision with us.




Possible protocols

  • FTP - Provided in your own company account on our FTP server or on your own FTP server.
  • E-Mail - Delivered as an email attachment to the email address of your choice.


Possible file formats

  • XML - In the form of an (un)zipped BMEca (Version 1.2).
  • CSV - In the form of an (un)zipped CSV file. *
  • TXT - In the form of an (un)zipped TXT file. *
  • ExcelIn the form of an (un)zipped XLSX file.

* Possible separators: semicolon, tabulator, pipe character

Possible product classifications

  • eCl@ss 5.1
  • eCl@ss 6.1
  • eCl@ss 7.1
  • eCl@ss 8.0
  • UNSPSC 12.0901



eBusiness-Broschüre - eKatalog

EDI order connection in all common formats and protocols


Would you like an electronic order connection, with electronic orders, electronic order confirmations, electronic delivery notes and electronic invoices?

Contact us and plan your EDI order connection with us.




Supported protocols and data formats

  • (s)FTP: CSV, flatfile and other inhouse formats
  • http(s): XML dialects (e.g. openTRANS, ebXML, xCBL)
  • SMTP (E-mail): EDIfact
  • EDIINT AS2: IDoc / IDoc-XML (SAP)
  • X.400 -VANS (Telebox, GXS, IBM u.a.): EANCOM, EDITEC, etc.



eBusiness-Broschüre - Bestellanbindung

Integration of a SAP OCI interface


Do you want to connect our eShop to your eProcurement system via the SAP OCI interface (Open Catalog Interface)?

Contact us and plan your OCI connection with us.


Real-time price and availability query via web service


Would you like to call up the prices and/or availability of our items at any time and directly via web service as https GET or https POST?

Use our free web service! Contact us and ask for your individual access data.


Drop shipping / Delivery notes in your own layout


Would you like to handle deliveries from us to your customers via drop shipping? With delivery notes in your own company layout or with completely neutral delivery notes?

Contact us and discuss the possibilities with us.

Invoice as PDF by email


Do you still receive your invoices from us in paper form?

In the future, we will be happy to send you our invoices in PDF format as an email attachment to a central email address in your company. This protects the environment and simplifies electronic collection.

Just give us your consent that we may switch to PDF invoices and give us your e-mail address for receiving the invoices.

Are you sure about this?