IT Accessories and Network Technology Catalogue 2024

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We proudly present the 60th edition of our general catalogue, which conveniently summarises the core range of our entire portfolio for you. 

SECOMP is expanding!

We are pleased to announce that SECOMP has expanded by 3,000 square metres of warehouse space since 1 September 2023. We want to continue to be able to guarantee you above-average availability for our growing product range in the future. In addition, the expansion enables us to implement a new logistics concept that further optimises the processes in terms of incoming and outgoing goods.

Check out our data delivery options!

A thriving core range with a selection of far more than 20,000 items also means a higher maintenance volume for item creation in your ERP and PIM system. We would like to remind you that with our automated data delivery options, you can make our entire range or selected parts of it available electronically at the touch of a button. If your systems are not directly compatible with the file formats we provide, our content team will be happy to help you. They can convert the data according to your requirements and complete your individual item creation templates. Of course, we offer this service free of charge.

If you have any questions or individual adjustments, our sales team is always there for you.

New products

New products

Our product managers are in constant contact with the manufacturers and are always on the lookout for new, attractive brands and products. A look at the innovations marked NEW is always worthwhile!

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If quality management, product management and our customers are in agreement, there is nothing you can do wrong. Thumbs up for our numerous product recommendations.

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