VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners - as simple as ingenious

There are inventions that are as simple as they are ingenious. One of these is definitely the hook and loop fastener, whereby the simplicity here is primarily in the application. Over 50 years ago, the inventor of this fastening technology founded the company VELCRO®, which is still the market leader in hook and loop fasteners today.

Today, hook and loop fasteners are available in many different colours and countless shapes - suitable for all kinds of applications in the private sector as well as for commercial and industrial use. With its products, the VELCRO® brand stands for the highest quality, exceptional performance and unrivalled reliability.

Some special products from the VELCRO® brand: 

HIGH STRENGTH FASTENER is a self-adhesive hook and loop tape with particularly high holding power for a variety of surfaces and high temperature resistance (up to approx. 120°C). The adhesive strength of the hook and loop tapes labelled EXTREME STRENGTH FASTENER is even higher.

The tapes labelled EXTRA THIN FASTENER are perfect for almost invisible, removable indoor fastenings with a high initial adhesive force.

The products under the name UNIVERSAL FLOORING FASTENER are characterised by their very own area of application. They are designed for laying flexible floors such as carpets.

The ALFA-LOK® fastener from the VELCRO® brand is a strong, self-closing strap fitted with special mushroom-shaped heads that interlock in any position when two sides are pressed firmly together.

LOGISTRAP pallet straps help warehouse specialists to reduce labour costs and waste with a reusable strap for securing goods on pallets.

The straps labelled GREEN TIE are used for a completely different area of application. They can also be used to gently secure delicate plants to growing aids.

VELCRO® products cover a huge range of applications. The selected products are only representative of the wide range of VELCRO® products.

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